Intelligent Sweep Panorama
A sweeping view of dynamic vistas

Our popular Sweep Panorama just keeps getting better. New Intelligent Sweep Panorama now recognises faces and subject movement, giving you the ability to create stunning panoramic images of scenes containing people on the move. Try it out on a busy street or in a crowded stadium. This great feature utilises Sony Face Detection and Motion Detection technologies to stitch together a series of photos into one breathtaking panorama. You’ll appreciate the natural look of photos produced by Intelligent Sweep Panorama — free from misaligned faces or blurred bodies.

Intelligent Sweep Panorama is versatile, too. Sweep the camera horizontally to capture landscapes and cityscapes, or vertically to record towers and churches. Settings include two different image sizes and four sweep directions (up/down/right/left). When viewing the recorded image, you can use Single Image Display to view the entire image within the screen or Scroll Preview, which fills the entire screen with part of the image and scrolls in the same direction the camera was moved while shooting. You can also view panoramic images on select Sony S-Frame models* and PLAYSTATION®3.

* Models 091H and later
Selectable sweep direction and image size
One breathtaking panorama from multiple photos
Motion Detection!

Intelligent Sweep Panorama utilises Burst Shooting to shoot multiple bursts of images at up to 10 frames per second. It then seamlessly stitches the photos together to create the panorama.

Smoother, more natural looking panoramas

Panoramas of scenes containing people in motion may exhibit disjointed or blurred bodies. Intelligent Sweep Panorama solves this problem by incorporating Face Detection and Motion Detection technologies. When the photos are stitched together to form the panoramic image, these intelligent technologies adjust for misaligned subjects, portraying people in fluid motion for more natural looking photos.