Sweep Multi Angle

Another dramatic way to capture and view 3D reality

Discover another new addition to exciting 3D shooting options featuring Sony’s innovative 3D shooting and Sweep Panorama systems. Unlike 3D Sweep Panorama that provides a real 3D viewing experience by capturing two panoramic images, Sweep Multi Angle shows a simulated 3D-like image on the Cyber-shot LCD screen using 15 continuous images taken from different viewpoints. Although there’s a noticeable difference in viewing experiences between Sweep Multi Angle and 3D Sweep Panorama, the way you operate Sweep Multi Angle is much like Sweep Panorama shooting, regardless of 2D or 3D. All you have to do is basically the same as with conventional 2D Sweep Panorama — simply choose Sweep Multi Angle shooting mode and “sweep” the scene with your Cyber-shot after pressing the shutter button.

Another dramatic way to capture and view 3D reality
Tilt the camera body from side to side  when viewing the image.

How to enjoy Sweep Multi Angle images

Viewing images taken with Sweep Multi Angle is easy. Just use the camera to play back photos taken in Sweep Multi Angle mode and tilt the camera from side to side while displaying the images on the LCD screen. This causes the camera to play 15 continuous images like short animation footage. If the scene has depth, you can view it from different viewpoints while tilting the camera, showing relative positions of objects captured during shooting. And, by connecting the Cyber-shot to a TV set with HDMI™ or bundled cable and tilting the camera from side to side, you can enjoy the same continuous images on the TV screen.

Viewing Sweep Multi Angle images with PS3™

In addition to viewing images directly on the Cyber-shot LCD screen, there’s another way to enjoy your pictures — simply use PS3™ as an image player/controller. Just transfer Sweep Multi Angle image data to PS3™ using MemoryStick or SD card, and let PS3™ play back the images. If you tilt the PS3™ controller from side to side, the TV shows a smoothly shifting image seen from different angles.

* With Sweep Multi Angle function

Play real 3D images

Pick up data for two images — one for the left eye and another for the right eye — out of 15 continuous images, and transfer these via HDMI™ cable to a 3D-compatible HDTV like Bravia. You can enjoy real 3D images!

Since the camera cannot capture 3D images under the following conditions, the images taken under these conditions do not support 3D viewing:
- When there is a large subject
- Moving subjects
- When the main subject is too close to the camera
- Images with little contrast, such as the sky, a sandy beach, or lawn

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