See the look of real life through the OLED.
Here’s an amazing camera that views life like you do — with true-to-life colour, high contrasts, and high-speed motion! The organic light emitting display (OLED) shows the image through the lens with higher contrast and wider viewing angle than conventional LCDs, for powerful, vivid playback. And, its high-speed response is faster than ordinary LCDs for smoother playback of dynamic action. Now, use the OLED to see images more realistically, and capture photos and movies with real-life excitement!
Ordinary LCD OLED
Higher contrast
Witness clear contrast and consistent brightness, thanks to rich, deep black reproduction.
Colour gamut
Vibrant green color of mountains in springtime. Glorious color gradations of a rainbow. Subtle hues of a sunset sky. See natural colour magic faithfully reproduced on screen.
High-speed response
Experience the thrill of seeing movies with high-speed action like sports scenes played back with smooth, natural motion.