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Notes in installing

[Using on Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows2000]

- In case of Windows XP/ Windows Vista
To install this software in Windows XP/ Windows Vista, please log on using a user name with ?Computer Administrators? as an attribute.

* As to confirmation of the Widows Vista compatibility models, click here.

- In case of Windows2000 Professional
To install this software in Windows 2000 Professional, please log on as "Administrators"
[For using of ICD-P series]

- To save or edit a DVF (TRC) file of ICD-P series format, it is necessary to install Digital Voice Editor by setting that use ICD-P series. Please check [Yes] if "ICD-P series Confirmation" dialog box is displayed when installing.

If you install by setting that doesn't use the ICD-P series, please install again. dve3.gif
[In case Digital Voice Editor 3.1 previous version is installed.]

If you install this software into the computer in which Digital Voice Editor Ver.1.x/2.x/3.0 is installed, please note the following points.

- In case Digital Voice Editor Ver.1.x is installed.
Please uninstall* the Digital Voice Editor Ver.1.x if you don't use the message of ics file format (the message recorded by ICD-R100/R200).
You can select whether uninstall Ver.1.x or not when installing this software.

- In case Digital Voice Editor Ver.2.x or 3.0 is installed.
This software is installed* after previous version is uninstalled.

*Note: Please uninstall the previous version according to the procedure displayed when installing this software.
The message saved in the computer and/or the option setting may not be taken over normally if you uninstall it from the uninstall function attached to the previous version.
[Backup of the recorded message]

If the recorded messages are saved in the computer, we recommend that you backup the messages onto a CD-R/RW disk or an external memory in preparation for install failure.
How to back up onto a CD-R/RW disk, click here.

Please use Digital Voice Editor Ver.3.1.03 after confirmation of "Guide for execution".
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