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Notice to owners of Digital Camcorder
“Action Cam”HDR-AS100V for system software update

Jun. 18, 2014

Sony Corporation
Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.
Sony Customer Service (Japan) Inc.

Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

Sony is offering a system software update for Digital Camcorder “Action Cam” [HDR-AS100V].

[Applicable model name of the product]

Digital Camcorder “Action Cam” [HDR-AS100V].

[Applicable firmware version of the units]

The applicable products are with the f system software version “Ver1.00”.

[Contents of update]

  • Live Streaming
    In order to use Live streaming function, it is required to download PC software “Network Setting Tool” and input settings to camera.
  • New functions in still image shooting
    - Burst Shooting
    - Motion Shot LE(Limited Edition)
    - Self Timer
  • Improve some function.

- HDR-AS100V for Windows -

Click here for downloading the software.

- HDR-AS100V for Mac -

Click here for downloading the software.

Refer to the Help Guide(online manual) when you would like to know details.

* Sony provides the update program for free on our website, but Sony will ask for a technical fee for the update service at the service counter and a courier service fee if requested.

[Contact in Japan]

Sony DI Call Center (toll-free number):

  • When calling from cellular/PHS mobile phones, or if the toll-free number is unavailable.

After you dial the number, please dial "402" + "#". This will directly connect you to the person in charge.

Opening hours:  Monday through Friday - 9:00 to 18:00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - 9:00 to 17:00

- Personal information, such as your name and/or mailing address, provided to the contact above shall be kept and used by Sony Corporation, Sony Customer Service (Japan) Inc. and Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. (hereinafter, “Sony”) for providing services mentioned herein or related thereto. Such companies as set forth above may disclose your personal information to the subcontractors for such services under the conditions that such subcontractors shall keep, use and erase the information in the same way as “Sony” does.

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