Xtra Fine LCD T-900
921,600-dot resolution for breathtaking image beauty
Sony brings its full technological proficiency to the 3.5-type Xtra Fine LCD. The result is high resolution of 921,600 dots and reproduction up to 16.77 million colours — producing breathtaking photo images that transform the pleasure of playback performance.
Lifelike 3.5-type Xtra Fine LCD rivalling printed photos
With its dramatic high resolution, size, and colour reproduction, the 921,600-dot 3.5-type LCD monitor provides such dazzling image quality that you forget you’re looking at a camera LCD monitor! You feel almost as though you’re seeing printed photos.
Approximately 4 times higher resolution than conventional LCDs
921,600-dot resolution is four times higher than with Clear Photo LCD Plus of DSC-T300. This high resolution reveals minute details of photo subjects and clearly displays small letters. You can enjoy subtle nuances of photographic expression.
Clear Photo LCD Plus (T300)
230,400 dots
Xtra Fine LCD
921,600 dots
3.5-type large display for dramatic playback of lifelike images
The 3.5-type LCD screen is large enough for enjoyable image playback — just like looking at printed photos. Moreover, the wide viewing angle lets you see images from the side — convenient for sharing with many people.
2.0-type LCD 2.5-type LCD 3.5-type LCD
(almost 2 times larger than conventional screens)
Wide viewing angle of 170° in all directions — above, below, left and right
212 ppi high precision for stunning details
High-density 212 ppi image quality provides high-precision performance, allowing you to enjoy the smallest, most intricate details of such subjects as flowers and insects. This beautiful high precision makes you feel like you’re viewing printed photos.

Notes: ppi (pixels per inch) is a measurement of screen resolution. The larger the number of pixels per inch, the higher the precision.
Vivid lifelike photos with 16.77-million-colour performance
Compared with regular 262,144-colour LCD screens, the Xtra Fine LCD provides 16.77 million colours and six times better colour accuracy. It can reproduce the subtle shading of colourful images — a glowing sunset or blue sky — in rich, smooth colour gradations on screen.
High-contrast performance for crisp clarity
Thanks to this high-contrast performance, the darkest colours can be displayed in true black, adding dazzling tone to the whole picture.