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1 Batteries
2 CD burning
3 Editing
4 Functions
5 PC connection
6 Playback
7 Recording
8 Troubleshooting

1 Batteries
Q1. When the IC recorder is not used while the battery is in, will the battery life be consumed?
Q2. When replacing the battery, are the stored data erased ?
Q3. How can I turn ON/OFF the IC recorder?
Q4. How long is the battery life?
Q5. Can I charge the battery using a USB port on the computer?
Q6. What types of batteries can be used for the IC recorder?
2 CD burning
Q1. How can I create audio CDs?
3 Editing
Q1. How can I divide a message into two messages on the IC recorder?
Q2. Can I divide a message into two messages using the IC recorder?
4 Functions
Q1. Is the IC recorder compatible with Hi-Speed USB?
Q2. Can I format the IC recorder using the computer?
Q3. What is the ID3-TAG information?
Q4. How can I display the date recorded or time recorded?
Q5. How can I erase a recorded message?
Q6. How can I set the clock?
Q7. How can I display the current date and time?
Q8. What is the structure of folders on this IC recorder?
Q9. How can I select another folder?
5 PC connection
Q1. Is this IC recorder compatible with Macintosh computer?
Q2. How can I save the recorded message to the computer?
Q3. Files with the file extension ".pst" appear, as I connect the IC recorder to the computer. What are the PST files?
Q4. Can I transfer MP3 or WMA files to the IC recorder using the software SonicStage on the computer?
Q5. Can I use the IC recorder as a USB mass storage device?
Q6. What is a "SonyRecorder_Driver.exe" which is already stored in the IC recorder?
Q7. What is the system requirement for using with the computer?
Q8. Is this unit compatible with Windows Vista 64-bit?
6 Playback
Q1. What is the Easy Search function?
Q2. Which file formats can be played on the IC recorder?
Q3. Can I repeatedly play back files stored in the IC recorder?
Q4. How can I play back a message?
Q5. How can I transfer MP3 or WMA files from the computer to the IC recorder?
Q6. How can I rename a filename using the computer?
Q7. What is the DPC function?
7 Recording
Q1. Is there any recording time limit for each folder?
Q2. Can the recording modes be switched while recording?
Q3. Does the IC recorder have a timer recording function?
Q4. Can the sound be monitored while recording?
Q5. The recording cannot be successful when using the VOR function.
Q6. What is the frequency range of this IC recorder ?
Q7. In what file format does the IC recorder record messages?
Q8. Can the sounds of other equipments be recorded?
Q9. Is it possible to record conversations over the phone or mobile phone onto an IC Recorder?
Q10. What types of external microphones can be used?
Q11. What kinds of recording modes are available on the IC recorder?
Q12. How long is the maximum recording time for the IC recorder?
Q13. Can the date and time recorded be recorded on the message?
Q14. Can I record the sound of the IC recorder with other equipment?
Q15. How can record messages using built-in microphones?
8 Troubleshooting
Q1. I keep the IC recorder and credit cards in my jacket pocket. Does the IC recorder magnetically affect credit cards?
Q2. IC recorder cannot be connected to the USB connector of the computer directly.
Q3. The IC recorder is not recognized by the computer.
Q4. How can I set the menu settings to initial settings?
Q5. "MEMORY FULL" is displayed on the IC recorder, and I cannot start recording.
Q6. The IC recorder does not work even though I have pressed several buttons on the IC recorder.
Q7. "[ ]" or garbled characters are displayed in place of a folder name, file name, artist name or title. Why does this happen?
Q8. Battery charge does not start even though I connected the IC recorder to a USB port on the computer.
Q9. When disconnecting the IC Recorder from the computer, the display of the IC recorder “Connecting,” “PC LINK” or “PC CONNECT” does not turn off even though I performed “Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device.”

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