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NWZ-E436F(JE) / NWZ-E438F(JE)
1 Battery
2 Built-in flash memory
3 Connection
4 Connection/Recognition
5 Function
6 Trouble Shooting
NWZ-E436F(JE) / NWZ-E438F(JE)

1 Battery
Q1. Can I replace the built-in battery by myself?
Q2. How long is the built-in battery life?
Q3. What is an indication of replacing the built-in battery?
Q4. How long does it take to charge the built-in battery?
Q5. How can I charge the built-in battery?
Q6. How much battery duration does it have?
2 Built-in flash memory
Q1. Is it possible to add more memory to the built-in flash memory?
Q2. How many recordable songs does it have?
How much music recording time does it have?
How much video recording time does it have?
How many recordable photos does it have?
Q3. Can the built-in flash memory be formatted with the player?
3 Connection
Q1. Can the unit be used with a USB extension cable?
Q2. Can the unit be connected to a computer via USB HUB?
4 Connection/Recognition
Q1. Is it possible to connect the unit to a computer with a USB cable other than the supplied cable?
Q2. What are the system requirements of the computer?
Q3. Do the players apply to 64 bits version of Windows Vista?
5 Function
Q1. Does the unit have recording function?
Q2. How can I turn on/off the power?
Q3. What is the supported photo file format with the player?
Q4. Can I delete audio files with the player?
Q5. What are the supported audio file formats with the player?
Q6. What are the supported video file formats with the player?
Q7. How can I transfer songs to the player from my computer?
Q8. Can I edit the video/picture title with the player?
Q9. Can I delete videos or pictures with the player?
Q10. Can I enter the title with the player?
6 Trouble Shooting
Q1. I cannot find the beginning of the folders (group) of the player by using the remote control supplied with the applicable accessory or connected Bluetooth equipment.
Q2. In the Video List display, the player does not display the thumbnail.
Q3. I can transfer neither AAC nor video files to the player.
Q4. The player displays neither video nor picture files.
Q5. It takes long time to transfer files.
Q6. I transferred release year assigned songs to the player. However, the songs are categorized in release year "Unknown" group.
Q7. I can tune FM stations by using neither remote control supplied with the applicable accessory nor connected Bluetooth equipment.
Q8. I did not transfer any files, but the actual memory capacity is less than the capacity in the specifications.
Q9. I connect the player to my computer, but "(MTP)" is not displayed. Therefore, I cannot transfer the copyright protected WMA files.
Q10. The player displays "Connecting USB (MTP)", but Windows Explorer does not recognize the player.
Q11. I can neither transfer nor delete playlists by Windows Media Player 10.
Q12. The "Error Copying File" dialog appears, and I cannot save files to the player by Windows Explorer.
Q13. The volume is not loud enough.
Q14. The player does not operate normally.
Q15. "Connecting" does not appear when connected to the computer with the supplied USB cable.
Q16. After executing "Safety remove USB device" with my computer, the player still displays "Connecting."
Q17. "Square" appears in the title.
Q18. The player's display remains blank after connected to a computer or to another device, or during charging, if the player is used for the first time, or left unused for an extended period.

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