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1 Battery
2 Built-in flash memory
3 Connection/Recognition
4 Function
5 Specification
6 Trouble Shooting

1 Battery
Q1. Can I replace the built-in battery by myself?
Q2. How long is the built-in battery life?
Q3. What is an indication of replacing the built-in battery?
Q4. How do I check the remaining battery power?
Q5. How long does it take to charge the built-in battery?
Q6. How much battery duration does it have?
2 Built-in flash memory
Q1. Is it possible to add more memory to the built-in flash memory?
Q2. Can the built-in flash memory be formatted with the player?
Q3. How many recordable songs does it have? How much music recording time does it have?
3 Connection/Recognition
Q1. Can the unit be connected to a computer via USB HUB?
Q2. The player cannot be operated.
Q3. What are the system requirements of the computer?
Q4. Connection/Recognition
5 Function
Q1. What is ZAPPIN playback?
Q2. What is the ZAPPIN playback procedure?
Q3. I want to listen to song clips longer (shorter) in ZAPPIN playback.
Q4. I want to return ZAPPIN playback to normal playback.
Q5. What is the method of skipping to the previous/next song, or shuffle playback during ZAPPIN playback?
Q6. What is the procedure of installation of Content Transfer?
Q7. How do I playback and stop, etc. the player.
Q8. Can the songs be transferred directly to the player without Content Transfer?
Q9. What is the play back order?
Q10. How do I remain the ZAPPIN playback setting?
Q11. What are the supported audio file formats with the player?
Q12. Can I delete an audio file with the player?
Q13. How can I transfer songs to the player from my computer?
Q14. How can I turn on/off the power?
Q15. "Storage media"doesn't be displayed.
Q16. Does the player have the lock control function?
6 Specification
Q1. Can I listen to music by the player while playing sports?
Q2. Can the player work if getting wet?
Q3. Can the USB jack cover be replaced?
7 Trouble Shooting
Q1. The most melodic and rhythmical clip of a song is not played back in ZAPPIN playback.
Q2. The operation of the player cannot be done.
Q3. Songs cannot be transferred to the player.
Q4. Even though the last song finishes, the playback dose not stop automatically.
Q5. Even though turned off the player or stop playback with the volume set to "0," the volume is automatically set to "1" when starting playback next time.
Q6. The volume is not loud enough.
Q7. It takes time to turn the player on.
Q8. The player does not turn on.
Q9. The OPR lamp lights (blinks) red, a long beep is heard.
Q10. Songs cannot be transferred to Content Transfer.
Q11. The OPR lamp lights red while playing back and the voice guidance of "EXPIRED" is heard.
Q12. I did not transfer any files, but the actual memory capacity is less than the capacity in the specifications.
Q13. The player does not operate normally.
Q14. The status lamp does not blink slowly when connected to the computer with the supplied Stand.(The player cannot charge the battery./The computer doesn't recognize the player.)
Q15. I cannot playback transferred files.
Q16. I formatted the built-in flash memory of the player and the all data has been erased. Is there any way to learn the version of the firmware of the player?
Q17. Is this possible to keep connecting the player to the computer during switching my computer on?
Q18. Letters displayed in the computer screen are garbled.


There are differences between the order of tracks displayed in other applications and the order of tracks played back on the player.
Q20. Battery life is short.
Q21. I deleted the Operation Guide stored in the player.
Q22. I transferred release year assigned songs to the player. However, the songs are categorized in release year "Unknown" group.
Q23. The USB jack cover comes off.
Q24. The USB jack cover has cracked.

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