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1 Functions
2 Battery
3 Built-in flash memory
4 Connection/Recognition
5 Bluetooth function
6 Troubleshooting
7 Troubleshooting (General)
8 Troubleshooting (Built-in flash memory)
9 Troubleshooting (General, Built-in flash memory)
10 Troubleshooting (Bluetooth function)

1 Functions
Q1. What are playable music files and bit rates with the player?
Q2. Can the player record music without using the computer?
Q3. Can the Music list group be played before the Rolly list group?
Q4. How many files or folders can be recognized to the player?
Q5. How many group voice guidance of the operation sound are there?
Q6. Is the fast forward and fast backward available?
Q7. Can the player jump a number of tracks at once?
Q8. What are the differences between the self motion and the auto motion?
Q9. Can the player start to reproduce motion at any point of the music track?
Q10. How to calibrate the left and right shoulder position?
2 Battery
Q1. How to insert the battery?
Q2. How to charge the battery?
Q3. How long does it take to charge the battery?
Q4. How long are the playback times on the battery?
Q5. How long is the battery life when the player is in power-saving mode* or in power OFF?
* Play-button indicator and side lamps go off.
Q6. Can the battery supplied with the player be used for equipment other than the player?
3 Built-in flash memory
Q1. How many tracks (or groups) can be transferred to the player?
Q2. What are the maximum recording track number and recording time?
Q3. Can the music tracks be deleted with the player?
Q4. How to delete music tracks saved in the player?
Q5. How to format the built-in flash memory?
Q6. Can the player be used as a USB storage?
4 Connection/Recognition
Q1. What are the system requirements to use the player with the computer?
Q2. How to connect the player to the computer?
Q3. Can I connect the player to the computer via a USB hub or a USB extension cable?
Q4. Can I use a USB cable other than supplied with the player?
5 Bluetooth function
Q1. Which Bluetooth profiles are supported?
Q2. How far is the communication range with a Bluetooth device?
Q3. How to pair the devices?
Q4. To perform the pairing, what is the passcode?
Q5. How many pairing information can be registered?
Q6. Is it necessary to pair with each connection?
Q7. Can the player be connected with more than two Bluetooth devices at the same time?
Q8. Can I listen to music stored in the player with another Bluetooth player via Bluetooth communication?
Q9. Can pairing information of one device be erased?
Q10. Can the volume level of the player be changed from Bluetooth device which supports AVRCP profile?
Q11. Can the player reproduce motion appropriate to the music transferred from the Bluetooth music player?
Q12. What is the SCMS-T content protection?
6 Troubleshooting
Q1. The player cannot play the music track saved in the player.
7 Troubleshooting (General)
Q1. Motion playback stops every one track, then the music track is only played from the next track.
Q2. Even if the player is connected to the computer, the Play button-indicator does not light up in orange (yellow).
Q3. I cannot hear the start-up sound, or operation sound.
Q4. The side lamps light up in red, and the player skips the track and plays the next track.
Q5. Can the player forward and fast backward music track or adjust the volume level while reproducing motion?
Q6. After adjusting the volume with placed the player, the player is returned automatically to the position it was before the volume was adjusted.
Q7. The player does not start to play motion after double-click the Play-button.
Q8. The played motion with the player is different from the displayed motion in Preview Area of Rolly Choreographer.
Q9. "Initialize Rolly Settings" or "Format Rolly"cannot done.
Q10. While reproducing motion or self motion, the motion stops.
Q11. The side lamp lights up in red, and the motion cannot be reproduced.
Q12. The arm was detached.
Q13. The left and right shoulders are out of position.
Q14. The player cannot play the preset track for the wake-up timer.
Q15. Wake-up timer does not start at the preset time.
Q16. Can motion be reproduced with wake-up timer?
8 Troubleshooting (Built-in flash memory)
Q1. The music track or motion are not in the player, or the music cannot be played.
9 Troubleshooting (General, Built-in flash memory)
Q1. Even if playing the music added to the motion, only the music is played and the motion is not reproduced.
10 Troubleshooting (Bluetooth function)
Q1. Pairing cannot be done.
Q2. The connection cannot be established after paring.
Q3. The sound of the connected Bluetooth device is not heard.
Q4. The tone interval of playback sound transferred from the Bluetooth device changes.
Q5. The sound delays.
Q6. I am listening to music from Bluetooth mobile phone with the player. However, I cannot resume listening to music after the phone call.
Q7. The sound is heard intermittently.
Q8. While using Bluetooth function, the player enters the power-saving mode* automatically.
* Both of the Play button indicator and side lamps are off.
Q9. While using Bluetooth function in the power-saving mode*1 or Bluetooth standby mode*2, the player does not receive the Bluetooth transmitter device signal.
*1 Both of the Play button indicator and the side lamps do not light up.
*2 Play-button indicator lights up in blue, and the side lamps flash in blue.

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