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Termination of the free exchange service for

June 17th, 2013
Sony Corporation
Sony Marketing ( Japan ) Inc.
Sony Customer Service ( Japan ) Inc.

The free exchange service, listed in the announcement below (originally posted on APR/9/2009) for Walkman“NWZ-S738F(JE)”has been terminated as of January 31, 2012. Sony will continue to support the product, in accordance with our rules and regulations for repair, from February 1st, 2012 onward.

Notice to Owners of the Overseas model of Sony Digital Media Player Walkman “NWZ- S738F(JE)”

April 9th, 2009
Updated September, 2009
Sony Corporation
Sony Marketing (Japan)Inc.
Sony Customer Service Corporation

Some headphones supplied with Overseas model of Sony Digital Media Player Walkman "NWZ-S738F(JE)" may have symptoms in rare cases that the headphone codes become hard or coverage of the codes tear, depend on their usage.
Please contact to the following call center, when the headphones supplied with Walkman have the symptoms. Sony will replace the damaged headphones with new ones without charge.

[Target Products]

- NWZ-S738F

[How to confirm model names of the target Products]

Please confirm description on the back side of the units, as follows.

Model Name

Or, please do the following operation.

  1. Press and hold the BACK/HOME button until the Home menu appears.
  2. Press button to select (Settings), and then press  button.
  3. Press button to select [Common Settings], and then press  button.
  4. Press button to select [Unit Information], and then press  button.
    Confirm the Model name.

[Contact Information]

Please contact a nearest Sony service center stated on the backside of the warranty card. https://www.sony.jp/products/overseas/contents/info.html

[Privacy policy]

Personal information, such as your name, mailing address and/or telephone number, provided to the contact above shall be kept and used by Sony Corporation, Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. and Sony Customer Service Corporation collectively and partially (hereinafter referred to as "sony" only for responding to your inquiries related to this announcement, the free repair service mentioned in this announcement and other related services. In certain cases, your personal information may be given to third-party companies to whom Sony has consigned certain elements of such service. In this event, Sony will ensure that such third-party companies abide by the same strict guidelines with regard to the use, storage and disposal of your personal information.

Corporation in charge of handling the personal information received in connection with this announcement is Sony Corporation.

With regard to Sony's policy of handling the personal information, please refer to Sony Group Privacy Policy

* Please contact to the above Sony call center if you wish to inquire, modify, erase or suspense to use your personal information provided in connection with this announcement. (Please be advised that in case of erasing or suspension of use of your personal information, Sony might not be able to provide appropriate services in accordance with the purpose of usage mentioned above.

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